Performance One

No matter what sport or activity you participate in at any level, the most important piece of equipment you have is your body. The traditional approach in the sports medicine world is to address injuries when they occur instead of preventing them from happening in the first place. One of our primary missions is to bring awareness within the community to ways we can screen for risk factors and address impairments prior to an injury occurring. There is an inherent risk to playing any sport, but the rate at which athletes, especially youth athletes are being injured or re-injured is on the rise and we aim to stop that trend. Performance One is dedicated to reducing the incidence of sport related injuries through education, evaluation, and performance training of athletes, coaches, trainers, and family members alike. Advances in research and technology are occurring daily and we vow to stay ahead of the curve to keep our clients safe and healthy.

Mission Statement

To utilize advances in applied technology and medical research to bridge the gap between the medical, fitness, and coaching professions.

Vision Statement

Our vision is a powerful team approach to injury prevention and enhanced performance by utilizing proactive screening, training, and education within our community.