What We Provide

Multiple options for movement screening to help identify injury risk and improve performance

  • We use an algorithm based assessment tool used to help identify individuals who are at risk of injury
  • Athletes are assessed using multiple, reliable, screens and risk is determined taking into account age, gender, and sport specific activity
  • Screening for and identifying risk allows for appropriate intervention to occur BEFORE injuries can take place
  • Each athlete receives a detailed report of their screening results
  • Team analysis can be done to help guide coaches and trainers with their specific team needs

Individual review of your movement screen and risk category as well as suggestions and options for addressing any limitations found

A corrective exercise home program to begin working on identified areas of improvement

Power and agility testing that is sport specific

One on One and Small group training sessions available

  • Highly recommended for individuals identified as significant or moderate risk
  • High threshold (or more commonly thought of as “Performance” training) also available for those who are in normal or low risk categories and looking to take their game to the next level

Re-assessments available to monitor changes in movement patterns leading to lower risk categorization

The latest technology advances available to you as soon as they hit the market